What to Bring

Packing for a charter can be fun!  Get your whole family involved and try to pack lightly, as often there is limited space for stowage of large, hard case suitcases. Soft sided luggage is best, especially duffle bags, although the larger the yacht or the fewer guests gives a bit more room for larger bags. 

Remember to pack strategically with a carry-on so that if your checked luggage gets delayed, you will at least have important items such as prescription medications, sunglasses and a bathing suit at the ready!

Couple on yachtHere are some other wise and fun suggestions of what to bring on your charter:

Rashgauard surf shirts- give extra warmth, comfort and sun protection for kids and adults.

Polarized sunglasses- yes, they DO make a difference!

A sarong is so right, and so useful as a coverup, beach blanket or chic scarf in the cooler climates.

An easy pair of slip on shoes such as flip flops, along with a sturdier water sandal for more substantial island exploration.  Most yachts request that you go barefoot onboard or wear a clean, non-marking shoe that is not worn ashore.  

A beach bag or small backpack along with a dry-box or dry-bag for phones and cameras.  

A designated folder/envelope to keep all travel documents including charter agreement, flight arrangements, etc. all in one, easily located place.

While yachts usually have excellent gear onboard, if you are an avid snorkeler/diver, it may be best to inquire with the crew on types and brands, or consider bringing your own mask and possibly fins in order to ensure a perfect fit.  

A wetsuit may come in handy and extend your time in the water in certain climates.  

Bring your best attitude to roll with whatever Mother Nature dishes out- the weather will rule your life on your charter, and light rain gear or a sweater/fleece in some climates/seasons will feel quite cozy.